Welcome to Mitchell It Solutions

At Mitsol we are huge proponents of technology and its benefits, and thus take great pleasure in ensuring our clients get the best solutions for their technology needs. We aim to provide excellent technical solutions and support to small to medium sized businesses and their individual users in a friendly and professional manner.

Basically we act as the virtual I.T. Department for those companies not big enough to have their own. If you have a technical requirement, we can assist you in fulfilling it.

In the modern world, technology has become integral to both business and personal life.

Hence at Mitsol we focus on providing:

Technology Selection

We endeavor to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes so that we can best understand their requirements and budget. This allows us to choose the most suitable hardware and software to provide the best return on their investment.

Technology Experience

More often than not, the methodologies we use in running our own business can be transplanted into our clients’ infrastructure. We wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use, reliability and usability comes at a price, but not necessarily at a premium price.

Technology Support

We understand the integral importance of your systems, whether it be computers, phones, printers etc. When they fail we truly notice how reliant we are upon them, and therefore we strive to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are a phone call away to provide rapid response to solve any problems.

Technology Translation

Have you ever felt that you have no idea what technology you need or the consultant you are conversing with is speaking a different language? We pride ourselves on being able to translate into layman’s terms and communicate with you so that you can actually understand, as well as being friendly!


Basically if you need someone to help with your information technology and technical needs, whether it is the office network, your email, your phone, your laptop for working from home, or any other requirements, we are here to assist you.


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